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Local police officers looking outside Milton Keynes shopping centre

Crime and Safety

We work closely with Thames Valley Police, Milton Keynes City Council and Centre security teams, collaborating in a partnership approach to deter, deflect and disrupt crime in the City Centre. 

PCSO Dave in Milton Keynes

My Local Bobby Security Team

Our My Local Bobby private security team will start in July 2024, providing support to our businesses and responding to on-street nuisance, shoplifting, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and crime issues. These officers will often be the initial responders to these activities, referring cases to Thames Valley Police and assisting businesses with issues. 

Radio Link Membership

Our soon to launch radio link membership will offer you the same benefits as being a standard BAC member but you will also receive a handheld radio subscription to improve your daily security and enhance long term resilience against crime.   The Radio will allow fast time communication with CCTV, Police, My Local Bobby, Centre Security, other BAC members and works with the Alert system to identify offenders.


As well as allowing businesses to receive restricted intelligence on shoplifters, professional beggars, unwanted patrons, the radio will also serve as a vital tool for Emergency Planning and Business Continuity as, in the event of an emergency, fast-time information is sent via the radio to advise on evacuation, invacuation, active threats and helps ensure the safety of premises and staff.


Radio membership is expected to cost £360 per year, plus VAT and include full training on how to use the radio.  If you would like a radio please or to find out more, email Rob Boiling, via:

MyMiltonKeynes Business Against Crime (BAC) Scheme

As a MyMiltonKeynes BID businesses or voluntary member you are eligible to join our  Business Against Crime (BAC) scheme. You will have free access to our secure GDRP compliant app Alert, which will give you access to restricted information and intelligence regarding prolific shoplifters, beggars and any unwanted patrons that may attempt to enter your premises and cause disruption.

You will also be invited to attend monthly Shopwatch / Barwatch meetings to enable unwanted patrons and known criminals who have committed offences to be banned from all member premises.  You will also be invited to any business safety training events we organise.


If you would like to join the scheme or find out more about the Shopwatch / Barwatch meetings, please contact Rob Boiling, via

Business Continuity and Emergency Planning

The MyMiltonKeynes Business Continuity Plan has been developed in partnership with the Milton Keynes Council Emergency Planning team, Thames Valley Police and other supporting organisations.  To request your copy please email:

Best Bar None Accreditation Scheme

Launching in early 2025, the Best Bar None accreditation scheme will promote the responsible management and operation of all evening and night-time venues, accrediting premises that demonstrate a commitment to raising standards, promoting excellence and, in turn, reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.  If you would like to be included in this accreditation and for further enquiries about this scheme, please contact the MyMiltonKeynes team at:  

Bleed Control Kits

Click here to view a map of which venues have life-saving bleed control kits, supplied by MyMiltonKeynes.

Funding Youth Intervention Projects

The BID is in its 3rd year of supporting Action4Youth’s Breakout anti-knife and gang crime projects and their Inspiration programme, which work with young people in Milton Keynes who are on the cusp of exclusion from school, may already be excluded or have been identified as engaging in crime, knife/gang crime or anti-social behaviour.

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