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Fred Roche Gardens

Enhancing Outdoor Spaces

Our public realm team works with the Milton Keynes City Council and Town Council to make the City Centre a more pleasant environment in which to work, visit, shop and spend time.  

Landscaping Underpasses and Walkways

We receive funding from Milton Keynes City Council to deliver an enhanced landscaping service in the city centre, planting, pruning and general improvements to the underpasses and other key areas, carrying out pest control measures as necessary.

Grafton Park and Fred Roche Gardens

We receive additional funding from Milton Keynes Development Partnership and Milton Keynes City Council to maintain the two green spaces in the City Centre: Grafton Park and Fred Roche Gardens.

Festive Lights

'Report It' service

Our new ‘Report It’ service is a means for you to tell us about issues you see when you’re out and about in the City Centre that impact on the visitor experience eg graffiti, fly-tipping, trip hazards.  Let us know the problem.  We’ve developed a strong relationship with MK City Council and their contractors, so can raise concerns on your behalf or fix them ourselves if we can.  We’ve set aside a small budget to fix issues that otherwise may be left unresolved. We will get back to you within 72 hours. Speak to our Public Realm & Operations Manager Rob Boiling via 01908 395099 or email him:

We are responsible for the festive lighting contract for the City Centre and we host the annual switch on event in November.  This year's event will take place on Saturday 16th November 2024.

Cigarette Butt Bins

Dropping cigarette butts is classed as littering.  If you would like a cigarette butt bin installed outside your building please contact us:

Litter Picking Days

We run litter picking days throughout the year and encourage local businesses to join us.To find out more information on how to join in contact us:

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