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Our board, led by an independent, volunteer chair, oversees the strategic direction of the Company and the delivery of our BID Business Plan.  The Board of Directors comprises volunteer representatives of the different business sectors in Milton Keynes City Centre. 


Terms of reference for the Board can be found here. Information on appointment of Directors and company governance is contained within our Articles of Association.

Board Meetings

Directors meetings take place four times a year.  All Directors disclose any conflicts of interest at the start of each meeting.  All BID businesses may request a copy of our latest Board minutes or our register of Directors' pecuniary and personal interests.

Annual General Meetings

All company members are invited to attend an annual general meeting. You may download our Annual Reports, which include our annual accounts:

Ballot / Business Plan

Every five years we undertake a mandatory ballot where we ask our businesses to vote on our vision for Milton Keynes City Centre presented in our Business plan

Procurement Policy

All our procurement must be based on value for money, defined as “the best mix of quality and effectiveness for the least outlay over the period of use of the goods or services bought”. This should be achieved through competition, unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary.

Annual Billing Leaflet

View our year by year activity and deliverables for the current five year term.

Operating and Baseline Agreements

 Baseline and operating agreement are created between the BID and the Local Authority which is in place for the duration of the term.

British BIDs Accreditation

MyMiltonKeynes achieved British BIDs accreditation in 2023.  This is the industry recognised standard, externally assessed by independent auditors, and designed in line with the Business Plan Criteria and the National Guiding Principles for a BID.

Company Membership

Membership of MyMiltonKeynes BID is open to all BID levy payers free of charge and offers you the opportunity to vote on all BID Company issues at our Annual General Meetings.

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