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Action4Youth Supporting the Next Generation Get Ready for The World of Work: The Inspiration Programme Fuels Young Minds

Action4Youth Supporting the Next Generation Get Ready for The World of Work: The Inspiration Programme Fuels Young Minds

What Is The Inspiration Programme and why schools should get involved? The last few years have been challenging for young people with the pandemic and all the disruption that caused to school, college, and young people’s social lives. Young people have missed key milestones in education and socially. The Inspiration Programme goes beyond traditional classroom learning by providing direct and meaningful experiences in various aspects of society. This means young people are fully engaged and interested in learning. Developed in collaboration with experts from varied fields including business, arts, charities, education, and more, The Inspiration Programme sets out to broaden the horizons, thinking, and experiences of young people, ensuring they are well-prepared to leave education with a robust grasp of the skills necessary for the world of employment.Through access to working life, arts and culture, police and criminal justice, community, and environment, as well as personal health and wellbeing, students gain insights that are unparalleled in their educational journey. The programme is built around 5 themes:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Working Life
  • Community and the Environment
  • Police and Criminal Justice


The Inspiration Programme has supported vulnerable students at The Beaconsfield School to fully engage with education and school.The programme has allowed us to engage a school refuser back into education and support one student back into mainstream education following a period at a Pupil Referral Unit. Learners have fully embraced the content of the programme and it has enabled them to establish links to key employability skills which are transferable to other subjects.
Liam Bampton, Deputy Headteacher- Behaviour and Culture – The Beaconsfield School


What The Inspiration Programme achievesEvery session includes activities to build the key employability skills: team working, problem solving and communication skills.Young people taking part gain enormously in confidence, experience and essential employability skills as well as adding a range of experiences to their personal statement.  Attendance at school and application in other lessons all improves for many students as they gain focus and purpose.One of the distinctive features of The Inspiration Programme is its integration with the school curriculum. It complements existing educational provisions by enhancing learning in core and foundational subjects. Ten Things you need to know about The Inspiration Programme

  1. It is a simple, proven, imaginative solution to your careers and employability education challenge.
  2. It is a coherent, progressive programme running weekly for 30 weeks of the school year.
  3. It achieves the Gatsby benchmarks.
  4. It opens young minds to their own potential.
  5. The Programme is suitable for Year 9 and upwards including SEND students.
  6. The experiential learning makes the programme suitable for all academic abilities.
  7. It builds aspiration.
  8. It increases engagement from students.
  9. It can be delivered by Action4Youth or by the in-house team with training and support from A4Y.
  10. Teachers who have used The Inspiration Programme recommend it.



Sir Anthony Seldon, a renowned Author and Historian, acknowledges the significance of The Inspiration Programme, saying, “Every young person, not just the privileged, deserves enrichment opportunities outside the classroom. The Inspiration Programme is an exceptional body that gives young people the opportunity to learn more about themselves and society at large. It inspires their development as confident, interested young people ready to face the opportunities and challenges of adult life. I commend it most warmly.” Educators, schools, and colleges interested in participating in The Inspiration Programme can visit Enrichment Programme For Schools – The Inspiration Programme ( for more information and to sign up. About The Inspiration ProgrammeThe Inspiration Programme is a dynamic initiative developed by a diverse coalition of professionals from business, arts, charities, statutory bodies, and educationalists. It addresses the gap between formal education and real-world preparedness by providing students with unparalleled access to various facets of our society. With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, employability skills, and personal growth, The Inspiration Programme is dedicated to empowering the next generation with the tools they need to thrive in their academic, personal, and professional pursuits.
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