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Allyship Programme

Allyship Programme

An allyship programme has been offering training and workshops for businesses that want to improve their knowledge and understand more about the challenges facing women in business. Now the hope is that even more people will sign up to offer key allyship.

  • Partnership with Women Leaders
  • How to retain and progress women in the workplace
  • Chance for businesses to become key allies
  • Bespoke training and online workshops


The Allyship programme, in partnership with Women Leaders, has been providing bespoke training and online workshops for businesses that wish to improve their knowledge and expand their understanding of the challenges facing, not only women in business but also unconscious bias, those with neurodivergent issues and the challenges facing different cultural minorities in business. The programme is for businesses looking to expand their knowledge and understanding so they can champion their staff, whilst developing their roles as leaders in their organisations. It has been popular with those that have attended but more needs to be done to increase the number of attendees so the programme now offers a shorter overview of key allyship elements online.

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