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Midsummer Boulevard

Homeless Outreach

MyMiltonKeynes is committed to engaging with issues surrounding homelessness and working with partners to support homelessness prevention services.

Tap To Donate Machines

Our tap to donate machines, located around the City Centre, enable shoppers, diners, workers, and those visiting Milton Keynes, to give a money directly to homelessness prevention in Milton Keynes, via our partnership with MK Community Foundation. Over £20,000 has been raised since the machines were first introduced in December 2019.

Rough Sleeper Referral

We work with the Milton Keynes City Council’s Rough Sleeper team, who are  in place to help vulnerable people who are rough sleeping or have rough sleeping lifestyles, providing them with access to support and accommodation.  If you are concerned about an individual you see rough sleeping, you can reach them on 01908 691691 or by emailing:

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