Milton Keynes

BID Ambassador

BID Ambassador

Our BID Ambassadors work tirelessly by engaging with the street population to understand and address a number of issues and signpost people who need support to the right services. They are the eyes and ears of the BID and work closely with Thames Valley to cross reference and share information.

  • 900 incidents tackled and addressed
  • One rough sleeper repatriated
  • Key part of the Safer Streets project
  • Helped choose locations for new CCTV


Our BID Ambassadors are working tirelessly to make the area safer for visitors and the street population. They have been engaging with those sleeping on the streets, signposting them to get the help they need. In one case they even helped to repatriate one man and reconnect him with his family too. The ambassadors were also a key part of the Safer Streets project, identifying key locations for 11 new CCTV cameras – two of which were funded by the BID in partnership with MKCC. On top of this they also helped to tackle 900 issues in the last year alone.

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