Milton Keynes

Tap to Donate

Tap to Donate

£20,000 has been raised to help the city’s homeless population through the BID’s Tap to Donate machines, located in various locations within the city centre. Shoppers can easily donate a small amount with very little effort.

  • £20,000 raised for the homeless
  • Machines are easy for the public to use
  • Completely contactless, money can be donated in just one tap


In just the last year the BID’s Tap to Donate machines, which are situated close to the entrance to centre:mk, have raised an incredible £20,000 which will go towards supporting our city’s homeless population. The machines are easy for the public to use and allow them to simply tap their card on the reader to instantly donate. Completely contactless, it takes no details and doesn’t require shoppers to carry any spare change. This initiative is designed to help shoppers be considerate towards the plight of the homeless, helping them without necessarily needing to seek them out to offer physical, monetary aid.

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